Monday, January 26, 2009

Learning as I go!

Well for those of you who know me, you know one of the issues that I talked about throughout the adoption was the issue of styling bi-racial hair. I knew nothing about texture, styling products, how often to wash it...nothing. So I began to ask & some very sweet ladies at my former job & some friends who knew bi-racial folks tried to help me out as much as they could but at this time Tess' hair was very soft and she didn't have much of it so I just let it be baby hair. The only thing I didn't do was wash it every time she took a bath. So now she is one and it looks like we have some hair issues, nothing major, just a little dry and frizzy. She is still the cutest little thing, puffy hair or not! So once again I had to do a little research and ask some questions. Looks like I'm going to have to use some type of leave in conditioner...however many products aren't formulated for bi-racial hair and may cause more damage! I did try some products like "Just for Me" at Wal-mart but I'm funny about smell and some of them were too "grown up" smelling (if that makes sense) They just didn't smell like a little girl. search is on. I think one day this week I'm going to an African American salon and plop her down on the counter and say..."I need help!" With all that being said, some of you may think I sound a little overly worried about a little girls hair, possibly, but I'm sure I can say with confidence that every mother wants her little girl's locks to be beautiful. We wash, braid, straighten , put it in ponytails, pigtails or the ever dreaded curlers before picture day, just so they will look like on the outside what they already are in our hearts...angels! We do the same to our tresses...this year I'm letting it grow out, no bangs, swishy bangs, a little highlights, wonder what it would look like with a perm ( yes I did the perm thing in 8th grade) So the saga continues...woman and their hair!


  1. I don't think you need to perm her hair. Unless it is an African American perm. HeeeHeee! She looks beautiful.

  2. Hey Marian!
    I am laughing! She's such a cutie! Some old friends of Tom's in Texas just adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia and are having the same issue (they don't want Ella to go to kindergarten and have all the African American kids say "you have white parents right?"). I thought you may find some common ground. Here is their blog address.

  3. Hi, did you find anything to use on her hair?

    Hannah has the same hair "issues"!

    She used to love her hair in ponies, but not anymore, she pulls them out! Then she really looks funny!

    Here in SAfrica J&J makes a detangling hair spray and shampoo - I use this and it makes her hair easier to brush...

    It's got so thick lately - not long - just thick!

    And our little girls do look alike!