Saturday, February 28, 2009

When your plan doesn't go as planned!

Yesterday I was all ready to sit down and download some pictures from my trip to see my sister-in-law. I had made my plan for the afternoon and this was first on my list. I wanted to write a little & post some pictures then get the rest of my things done...a few loads of laundry, clean up the kitchen, & work on my Bible study. Tess usually naps for about 3 hours so I knew I had time for everything if everything went according to "my" plan! It is enjoyable for me to write so I put Tess down for a nap, made a cup of coffee and sat down in front of my computer. My computer had another agenda...not to work. {We have a love-hate relationship} Who knows, maybe it's the operator, but for whatever reason I could not download a single picture. After an hour, yes 1 hour of fruitless labor, I gave up! Now at this point many - dare I say most- would proceed to the next task at hand -that laundry I mentioned, the kitchen clean up or work on that particular Bible study. I however, in attempt to be completely honest with you, was so frustrated by my failed endeavor that I did absolutely nothing. I mean nothing. I sat myself down in the living and just sat there. I didn't turn the tv on, I didn't pick up anything to read, I just sat there wondering why I was feeling this way?! Why did a little glitch in my plan get me so off track for the rest of the afternoon?! And, as my Good Father always does, he brings me back to His word...HIS plan. He gently reminded my that although my plans and agenda for the day can be so easily upset & changed, none of His can be thwarted! Job 42:2 So why dear child do you get so "out of sorts" when you think something has come down your path that changes your course for the moment? Maybe it's not a problem with the computer, but a phone call from someone who just needs a listening ear and you have to put away your "to do" list for awhile. Or maybe it's a child that needs a little extra time from mom & you have to put aside cleaning the kitchen, or what about that cashier who is not in a good mood & moving at a turtle's pace...doesn't she know you have somewhere to be?!? Maybe you need to be right where you are-who knows how many times her plans have changed & she may not know THE ONE who never changes! So don't fret when your plans don't go as you planned - take it as it comes & adjust. God may be positioning us for a different path that day... I'm just the little sheep following the Faithful Shepherd!

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  1. Marian, I love this post! I have been thinking very similar thoughts lately...why do I get so flustered when things don't go as planned!? Thank you for sharing your heart and what the Lord is teaching you. I am encouraged!