Sunday, March 29, 2009

The day that turned our family of 2 into a family of 3!
The conclusion to my story but not the end to our journey!

Part 4

So here we are, one year ago today...the day we picked Tess up from the foster family. We are still uncertain at this point if the birth mother would be there. Brent's sister, her little girl & Brent's mother made the trip with us. I am so glad they were there to share this with us and for some reason it made me a little less nervous to have them by our side & my sister in law took pictures for me! (We found out when we arrived that the birth mother has chosen not to come)

Because Parts 1-3 have been so long and you have been so patient, I'm concluded my story and leaving you with just a few words describing pictures of that day. We had a lot of paper work to sign and go over before we even met Tess! I was so ready to get through all the legal things and just hold my little girl!

The picture below is when I first laid eyes on Tess...she is not in the picture b/c the foster mom is still holding her. All I could do was cry when I saw her, Brent is talking to the foster dad.

The adoption agency has a little ceremony and they asked Brent to say a few words.
Giving thanks for our new little girl
Brent's mom, sister & sweet little niece!
Maci Clare and Boddotti meeting TessBuckled up & ready for the ride home
We had to stop on the way home and Tess was not very happy...
notice however dad is smiling from ear to ear!
(she still makes him smile like that)
Finally at home and happy!
Sweet peaceful rest!
March 29, 2008A year later!!
March 2009
I hope in some way you have been encouraged & God's name has been honored!


  1. Tears are flowing as I read this and remember those amazing days. What a gift Tess is and what a gift God has given her with you as parents. Thank you for sharing this story! It was an encouragement to read.

  2. she is just so beautfitul. thank you for sharing your journey, that has just begun. :)

  3. OMG, I forgot how little she was the first time I saw her. She sure is a big girl. Even though I already knew the story I read it anyway. And it still makes me cry. Give Tess a big hug and a kiss from her aunt Tami. I'm in a blogging funk. I am so bogged down with bluegrass events that I can't even think about anything else. So sits my blog. Oh well, it'll still be there when I get ready and Jim and I are headed to Savannah this weekend. Maybe I'll come back refreshed (or pregnant)LOL! Just kidding.

  4. She is adorable!
    It's kinda sweet you got her on my birthday. Ok, I know we don't know each other...but I like knowing that a family was made the same day I was born into a family that wasn't so great...
    You have been so honest through out your story, it is wonderful to read. And I DO understand the just the two of us and becoming a family and how will it change us.
    We went through it too, and now it does seem crazy that we did. But a baby changes everything and nobody can understand that until they go throuh it too.
    Blessings and love!

  5. Hi, you just posted on my blog and I came to check yours out. I need to do some back reading one day when the kiddos are asleep to get all the details of your story, it sounds amazing! I just wanted to tell you that your little girl is probably, aside from my own kids of course :), the most beautiful little girl I have ever seen. She is stunning! Can't wait to read your story!

  6. Thanks for visiting our blog, I am glad to have found yours! What an amazing journey you have been on. Adoption is an incredible gift from God, that I know to be true. Your daughter is beautiful!

  7. What a great God! And what a great family! In many ways, it's the same thing. I just love, love, love the way that God has put you three together. It's a beautiful story, with a lovely family as characters. The main Character, and hero, of the story is amazing!!!

  8. I love the picture of your husband smiling with Tess screaming. It says it all!
    I enjoyed the pictures, they say so much. I cannot imagine the waiting and longing, then finally holding that little girl.

  9. Loved ready your jouney so far! Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! Your pictures are so sweet. God has blessed Tess with wonderful parents!