Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Things that make you go...AHHH!

I was just thinking today...no matter how disorganized, dirty or disheveled I feel, there are a few certain things that can immediately make me go..."ahhh ~ I feel so much better now!!!"

Here's the ones that do it for me:
  • No dirty dishes on your counter or in your sink~I was going to put a clean kitchen but many times I'd settle for just a clean sink :)
  • Brushing your teeth~come on you know there have been days when you haven't had a shower (you can get away with the dirty hair by throwing on a hat-people just think you're a cool sportsy mom!) and just by brushing your teeth you feel refreshed! (Dr. Dan, my brother the Dentist, is saying..."that's right little sis!!!"
  • Making your bed~never mind the few stray clothes laying on the chair in your room or the messy dresser top, a made bed just makes the whole room seem straight even if you do make it 20 min. before you crawl in.
  • Washing your feet before you go to bed~ok I must admit this may not make everyones list but it's something my mother does all the time and I do in the summertime when I break out the flip flops...it's nice to go to bed with nice clean tootsies!
For my OCD friends I'm sure there are a lot more things on their "Ahh list" but for me these are the ones that, even when there are clothes piled up in the laundry room, or I haven't dusted in days or my fridge has waaaay to many leftover containers, if I take a moment and do at least something on this list my world seem right again! At least for the next hour!

How 'bout you? What would make your "Ahhh list"?


  1. I'm totally with you about the foot washing thing, especially since we have hard-woods, and it never seems like you can get all the dirt up. Washing my face before bed or in the morning makes me feel so much better when I just can't get a shower.

  2. Now I'm singing the song, "Things that make you go MMMMM" Anyway, I can't relate. I think you would die at my house. My bedroom needs a lot more than just making the bed. And I would much rather wash my hair than my feet. Oh well, I guess we're all different.

  3. Hey Marian, so glad you're following our blog. It must be fun and weird to see another family in "your home." Anyway, so glad to hear from you. Thanks for commenting. I'll check in with you too. God Bless.

  4. A clean bathroom and organized toys....you know being able to find all the parts and putting them neatly together. AHH!!!!

  5. Ahhhh! the 'pastor's wife"!! My roomate all through college was the "pastor's kid"! I am glad you stumbled across my blog too!! HELLO friend!! Imagine my surprise when I opened your blog to find that your little sweetie is one of race!! Our domestic adoption is going through our agency's African American program and I really don't know anyone (or more than 2 I should say) to "chat" with! I look forward to following your blog!!
    Hugs, Jill

  6. I'm with you on the foot washing thing! Especially in the summer when I have been walking around barefoot or flip flops all day! I don't care in the winter because I have socks on so my feet don't get dirty! I also like having all the toys in the family room picked up. Even if it needs dusting or vaccuming it will always look better if the toys are up! Kiss Tess for me!

  7. I love this...and my mom is the same about feet washing! No matter how late it is, I still can't go to bed with dirty feet!

    Still catching up on your story, but what an awesome blog!


    P.S. Thanks for the advise on teething :-)

  8. I am right there with you on the making the bed! If I don't make it right away, it begins to bug me. But after I do, I don't care if I don't clean another thing. I'm just glad I got the bed done:)

  9. I am with you on the first three....adding flossing to number 2. In fact I feel dirty if I don't floww my teeth daily. I have floss in my bathroom, kitchen cupboard and my diaper bag....may be a little weird but I have clean teeth :o)
    The feet washing thing....not so much. I like to put lotion on my feet.

    Everything in it's place is another AHHHH for me and well folded towels. But the more I type the more I appear to be very OCD so I'll stop.