Friday, April 3, 2009

PLEASE, PLEASE tell me I'm not alone!

Okay, I take great risk posting these pictures ~ for two reasons

1. I don't like my feet or for anyone to continually focus on them~ so glance quickly (all you really need to notice are the two different flip flops) &

2. I look like I must be totally crazy

But oh well, I'm just hoping that I'm not the only one out there who has done something like this before. Y'all have just been too chicken, I mean smart, not to post it!

I only noticed my shoes half way through my day...seriously! Thank goodness it has been pouring today so Tess & I didn't venture out! (Wanna know the funniest part...I'm still walking around with them that way) See I told you I posted this knowing the great risk this caused me and my need to feel normal! :)

And yes, that is the cereal box in my fridge, and no I don't usually keep my cereal in the refrigerator! I'm surprised I didn't put the milk in the cabinet where the cereal goes!! Who does that? Now I'm wondering what I did with my bowl & spoon?!!

I'm chalking it up to just "one of those days!"


  1. Girl, welcome to the mommy brain club. I had one friend who unknowingly used baby formula as creamer in her coffee. Another freaked out because the baby bottle wouldn't fit into her friend's microwave, until her friend mentioned that she would remove the top for a perfect fit. I can't count the times that I have groped around the bed for a baby, simply because my husband changed positions in his sleep. You're a totally normal mommy.

  2. Actually cereal in the fridge keeps it better longer if you don't eat too much of it. BTW, I drink that Soy milk as well - I don't think I'll ever go back to real milk.
    As far as the flip flops - you're just making a fashion statement I'm sure - you just don't know it yet! :)
    Have a good weekend!

  3. I can't count the times I've done similar things! I've never mixed up the flip flops, probably because I only own one pair of them. Not because I don't like flip flops, only because I love the one pair I have and just can't seem to part with them or find another pair I like as well!

    I drink the soy milk as favorite is the chocolate! But it doesn't taste quite as good on the cereal:) Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Mama said there'd be days like this! I figure forgetting to match your shoes and putting items in the wrong place- that's the small stuff. Just don't misplace the baby!

  5. I think this just comes with...age.LOL. No, it is from lack of sleep, chasing a little one, doing chores, and at the end of the day trying to remember just who you are.

  6. I went to work with two completely different shoes on once. And this was before Isabel so I didn't have her as an excuse. I didn't notice until I got out of the care at the office. So I walked around the office that day in my socks.
    You are NOT alone.