Friday, April 24, 2009

Unhappy Scrapbook Page

You will have to read my last post to understand these pictures but in short, I believe I wrote that I should have captured one of those wonderful "time to come in" meltdown moments!
Well I didn't have to wait long ~ after nap time we ventured out again to run an errand downtown and I caught "a moment" in all it's beautiful glory ~ I, like another bloggy friend asked, (remember that post Heidi..he he ) "is it wrong of me to take a picture of this moment?" Then I affirmed my decision by thinking that one day I hope to create some sort of scrapbook from these posts and who doesn't put a picture or two of their unhappy baby in a scrapbook?! I know I've seen many a picture of a screaming child in the arms of Santa & the Easter bunny nestled in the pages of a scrapbook...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! So here's mine...I mean here's Tess' "unhappy" scrapbook page!

Right before Mommy says, "it's time to go now"
Who could have thought that those simple words could cause that face??
(Notice the lack of tears)

Did I mention she likes to be outside??


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  2. Oh, I think I have seen that face before too! Maybe even on our vacation this past week:( And I have it captured on my camera too!!

    Hope you have a great week!!

  3. haha--i know that face. i know i have many more meltdowns in my future.

  4. Hey Marian,
    I think it's a great idea to take pictures like these every now and then. As a scrapbooker I've learned that you get a much more honest look at life and memories when you include the not-so-good along with the good! When your daughter grows up she'll be able to see just how much she loved being outside!

  5. I love it! I've got one of Isabel crying when all the green beans were gone I plan on putting in.