Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well I'm back (for those of you who even knew I was gone..cough cough) Tess I and went to visit my parents in Maine for about 2 weeks!! In the past I have always gone up there in the winter months (I guess because of the holidays) needless to say this trip was a much different experience!!! ( Maine in the winter is just plain BURRR) We had a great much fun to see Tess interact with "grammie" & "pawpaw"! They ate up every min. with her ~ they even put her crib in their room and woke up with her every morning at 5:30 - 6:00 AM!! (the sun comes up at 4:30 ~ no kidding ~ and little Ms. Tess just wasn't use to that so she was up too!) Today she slept till almost 8:30!
It's always nice to go visit but I'm always a little sad when I get home because I miss my folks and I think more than me missing them I miss them for Tess (if that makes sense). Here's just a few pics of our visit!

My dad loves to plant a little garden and they had bought Tess some gardening tools to help Pawpaw...she loved it!!
We were there for Memorial Day and went to a local parade...I'm talking very "small town USA" parade! 15 fire trucks...okay maybe not that many but there were a lot, and 100 antique cars, again, maybe not that many but you get the drift. It was a fun day but after about the 3rd fire truck siren Tess was done!
The "I've heard enough of that sound now" grip!!
I just had to show you all these day for breakfast my parents took us to a local resort to eat their little cafe. It was a very simple place but the food was mmm mmm good!! These were the yummiest waffles, loaded with fresh fruit on top and in between the slices. DEEELICIOUS !!!!

Picnic at a friends summer home in Owls Head, Maine



  1. I love the pictures! They were beautiful. I have never been to Maine, but I would like to make a trip there. The pictures by the water were breathtaking. Glad you had a safe trip there and returned safely as well.

  2. I bet Brent missed you guys. Two weeks! I can't imagine being gone from Jim that long. I know your mom and dad were glad to see you though. We miss you. I'm always sad because my kids are so far away from all their cousins.

  3. Aw. the pictures were very sweet, but Marian, I know you own some ankle socks, those things look like they could have touched your knees. LOL. We still love ya though.

  4. I LOVE these pictures, but I REALLY love the one of the three of them hand in hand walking away from the camera!!!!

  5. I haven't been around blogland much either. My mom just left yesterday from visiting with us in Canada.
    Love the pictures! I have always wanted to go to Maine.

  6. What amazing pictures. You make me very grateful that we live so close to most of our family. Sometimes I forget it with the family drama.