Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just catching up!

Here are just a few pics of the last few weeks...lots of fun with the family and sweet friends. My mom came down from Maine and brought a young lady with her to visit. Melissa attends my parents church and battled cancer earlier in the year so my mom thought it would be a nice break for her to come visit some of the sites and meet some of our family! Tess loved having "Issa" around. Some of our plans were put on hold because of the storm (Ida) but we still had a great time laughing and spending time with family!

Tess pushing Memoo on the swing...hold on!!

My brother's friend Teresa also came to visit with us!
Tess loooooves her cousin "Mawi" (aka Molly)
Swinging with her cousin Dustin & Molly
Cousin John

Aunt "Tee"
Memoo built a tent & crawled in it with Tess!
Cooking with new apron and oven mitts!

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