Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My little Tessyhontas

Tess has a little Blackfoot Indian in her lineage so I was so excited when I found this dress at our local consignment shop TWO days before the big dress up night! (not much on planning ahead....headpiece was "created" the night before, shoes came from Dad's trip to India) She had fun...didn't know what was going on just glad to be outside getting candy from people! We went to a few houses on our street and then we went to some senior adults in our church ~ they LOVED that we brought her by and loaded her down with candy! (I HAD to do a candy inspection and take out those candies that could potentially cause choking, ahem...okay so Milky Way, Hersey's & Reese's Cups aren't on that list but c'mon, it's a chocolate people!! U know my weaknesses!) Amazingly she kept the headpiece on the entire evening. It was a fun evening with our little "Tessyhontas"!

Ancient Native American tribal rain dance!


  1. Cute costume! You need to go look at all my planning and hard work. Boy, I worked on Zane's forever. I wish my Zane was easy. But you know he never is. Halloween is my favorite holiday so I have to have awesome costumes. Go look at the kids' pics on my blog. Trick or treating is so much fun with little kids that don't know what to expect. Glad Tess had fun.

  2. Such adorable pictures. Love the costume. :-D

  3. thanks for the comment on our blog! And thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I say, adopt again! ; ) Blessings to you and yours! Oh, and the Montgomerys can't say enough good things about your brother John!

  4. OK- that may be the cutest thing I have ever seen

  5. Great costume. Headpiece looks amazing. The tribal dance is too cute!

    What a great idea to take her to some of the senior members in your church. I'll have to remember that.