Monday, November 30, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We put up our tree yesterday and this afternoon while Tess was napping I went ahead and put the ornaments on. I left out a couple for Tess to hang when she got up and the first thing she did was line them all up. She likes to do that with things now and then she proceeds to count them ~ "one, trwee, one, trwee" don't ask where two is! I'm excited about this Christmas with Tess because she is so much more aware of all the "changes" going on ~ lights, trees, big inflatable things people put in their yards & mom saying one more time..."ok, once you put your ornament on the tree you need to leave it on the tree."


  1. I am feeling kind of behind because we just put our Christmas tree up today!

    I love all the pictures! Tess is adorable!