Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve = Christmas Eve Service &
New PJS!

Both Brent & I grew up in the preachers house, which meant one of the things we always attended was the Christmas Eve service. It is no different these days except now we have a little person in tow and I'm married to the preacher!

Dad getting Tess ready!

Tess is very comfortable at church..practicing with the praise team.
Tess and her buddy Cara...Tess is one week older than Cara!
This was the best I could get of these two wiggle worms.
It was after the service and we had 2 tired girls on our hands.

My friend Angela had a tradition of giving her family all new pjs on Christmas Eve to wear on Christmas day. Several years before we moved she began to include Brent & I in this tradition. It was always fun to see what type of jammies she had chosen for us. I thought it was a great idea so after we moved away I began doing the Christmas Eve pj thing!

Tess loving her new footie pjs!

So the evening came to an end...quiet and still...anticipating the next day!


  1. Thx for visiting my blog! Your little girl is precious. Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas. Blessings to you and your family.

  2. BTW, I'm reading Respectable Sins, too!