Friday, March 26, 2010

"She laughs at the days to come!"

So here we are, about a week out from when the dreaded cancer word poked it's ugly head into our lives.  I mentioned in my last post that I would first have to get permission from the person that has been given the diagnosis before I felt I could tell you who she is ~ I have and just as I suspected she doesn't mind me writing about her.  I knew before I asked but I asked anyway...those of the types of things you know about your mom.  Yep, it's my mom, my momma, ma mere, my friend.  The one woman in everyone's life whom they like to think will be safe from all life's yuck.  You know what I'm talking about.  Remember the 1st time you saw your mom cry? Or the first time saw your mom & dad argue, I mean really argue? This one is for those of you who grew up in a pastors home...the 1st time you saw your mom say..."don't mess with my man!" after someone hurt him in the name of spirituality? Whew out now! Or how bout the first time she got sick?  These are the things, at least for me they were, that when I saw them, I began to see that my mother is human....(gasping by everyone) yes human ~ not just the woman who keeps the house running smoothly, somehow always knows where you left _____ (fill in the blank) and must have never slept b/c the minute she heard you coughing or about to be sick she was right there. So when she called me and told me that she has breast cancer, I immediately experienced one of those moments.  "She's my mom, she's not suppose to get cancer."  Oh but how Satan would like for us to believe we can avoid life's hard news just so he can swoop in and whisper ever so quietly in our ears when the hard news comes..."see, God is not good ~ He doesn't love you ~ you can't trust Him anymore!"

I'm here to proclaim dear friends...DON'T BUY THE LIE!!! My God is good, my God loves me & my God is trustworthy!

Here is a link to two of John Piper's messages "Christ & Cancer" and "Don't Waste Your Cancer" He plainly lays it out there...much better than I so if you have a few min. I strongly urge you to read them.   

Let me close by telling you how my mother responded to her doctor when he gave her the news...and for anyone who knows my mom this is a typical response.  I will summarize the interaction.

Doc:   "How are you processing all this are you feeling?"

My mom:  LAUGHING (yes she laughed) "Well Doc. my Bible tells me that God began a good work in me and will complete it until the day of Christ Jesus, so I'm just assuming this is part of His good work in me and I trust Him!"

Doc:   "Uh - hmm - uhhh?!?  Okay?"  (don't know exactly what he said after that really, I just took some literary freedom...guessing many people don't know what to say when people "speak Jesus" to them!)

That's my mom.  She embodies Prov. 31:25 ~ I mean EMBODIES it!!!  Thank you Jesus for giving me a mamma like this!!!

"She is clothed with strength and dignity.  
She laughs at the days to come!"


  1. Marian I will be praying for your mom and your family. I have so many fond memories of her and your dad growing up. She truly is a Proverbs 31 woman and will glorify God even in this trial.

  2. I'm so glad your mom has the Lord to lean on through this! We will keep her in our prayers!

  3. Thanks Lit BIt ,you will realize, as your little one grows every day, that it is your precious children that keep you close to the Heart of God. This is just a side trip to share the Old-old Story of Jesus @ His Love to some one who is all broken down in sin along side of the road..Might be a few bumps @ pot holds but that is what brings the laughter, as you hold on tight to the Lord @one love from mom in Me.

  4. Marian,
    When I heard about your mom my heart began to weep. I just want you to know that you, your mom and your dad blessed my life many years ago from the comfort of a sofa bed in your living room your mom helped to receive jesus in my heart. There have been times in my life that I strayed but God always was there to pick me up and I am so thankful to yall for leading me to him because now I walk with the Lord daily, I am not perfect but your mom taught me that I didn't have to be that he love me anyways. Your mom gave me a verse that I have kept with me for a long time it is my favorite. "May your love abound" Phillipians 1:9. Please know that I love you and I know how close you and your mom are and God is with both of you every step of the way, remember he knew this was in the plan before we did and his will will be done. I Love You Christina

  5. Such a sweet post about your mom and her spirit and strength! She sounds like an amazing lady. Just want you to know that you're both in my prayers.