Friday, April 9, 2010


So as many of you know or have read in my previous posts, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 weeks ago.  The doctors moved quickly and preformed a lumpectomy on Thurs. April 1st.  The day after that surgery a whole passel of people descended on my parents home in & Tess being one of them!  This visit was not in response to the surgery however ~ weeks earlier, before any news of the "bc" my sweet friend from high school and her family, my nephew and myself and T all bought plane tickets to Maine.  Spring break trip for everyone! Then the news came that her surgery was scheduled the day before we would all friend considered canceling the mother would not hear of it!!  God timed all this out according to His plan ~ our trip, her surgery & recovery, the results of the test on the following Tuesday~ none of it a surprise to the Almighty Calender Keeper!  Oh how good our God is about keeping us right on schedule...not our schedule but HIS schedule!!!

So here it is in a nutshell
Thurs. April 1st:  Mom's surgery ~ my brother did decide to go up to be with my parents for the surgery so he was also there when the rest of us came thundering in... 5 adults & 4 little people!

Friday April 2nd:  An uneventful plane trip up north...aside from the normal stresses of flying with a 2 year old, a big group!

Saturday April 3rd - Thurs. April 8th: Enjoyed a wonderful trip with family and friends exploring Maine, laughing, playing games, watching a great movie...The Blind Side...celebrating the Resurrection of our Savior, and a whole bunch more laughing!!

Oh and I guess you are wondering about the test results from mom's surgery?  FREE & CLEAR - no cancer left- margins are clean!   She will still have to have radiation treatment in a few weeks which is standard treatment.

( Radiation therapy usually follows lumpectomy to eliminate any microscopic cancer cells in the remaining breast tissue.) 

Thurs. April 8th - got up at 3:00 AM - to catch a shuttle to the airport to catch a 6:00 AM flight- now that was exciting!! Home by lunch time!

 What a week!  I had such a relaxing time ~ maybe with the exception of the airport days ~ enjoying the most beautiful weather that I know God delivered just for us!! Hey, I know my God is a personal God and he intends to do good for His children, and if that means giving us some 70 degree days in April in Maine (which is very atypical) I say thank you God!!!   I am always "mom & dad sick" when I get home. (my home is with my man and little girl so "homesick" doesn't seem like a right word usage but you know what I mean) but I so enjoy my time with my folks that I am willing to be a little sad when I return!

So without any further are some of highlights of the week.
If you would like a better view of the pictures simply click on the collage to make them larger.

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  1. Oh! Praise God for that report! May we always remember the great things he has done!!!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Great pics!!