Thursday, April 29, 2010

So Long Insecurity!

Last weekend our church was a host site for Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity Simulcast.  It was a nation wide event that apparently reached over 300,000 women! That's a lot of women!  We had about 65-75 woman at our was a fun day of fellowshipping, laughing and learning!  I wish I could write all that I learned from that day but that's a lot of writing for me and I have a lot of clothes/dishes/mopping (you get the idea) to do, so I will hit the highlights and then share with you the "commissioning" message she gave us!
  • Insecurity is NOT a weakness, it is disbelief in the One True God.  He tells us who we are in Him...we just chose not to believe him and therefore are prone to insecure behavior!
  • SECURE women (speaking of secure women in Christ, not in themselves) let things "roll off their backs", they don't get easily offended and they don't hold grudges.
  • SECURE women don't have to think about themselves all the time!
  • SECURE woman can love others without needing everyone to love them back.  
I struggle with insecurity..."what will so & so think of me?" "how will they respond if I do this?" and so on...during the days that followed this event I kept asking myself..."How would a secure woman in Christ respond?" I pray that I begin to shake of those insecure thoughts and behaviors, knowing that God the Father has called me HIS BELOVED...what more could I want!   At the end of the day we were grouped with another woman and repeated the following words to each other...Dear sister I pray you can say these words truthfully and with full confidence in our Father!!  Could you imagine how our marriages, our parenting, our church life, our relationships would change if we lived in the security that only Christ  can bring?!

My Dear Sister
If Christ is Your Savior
You are the dwelling place
Of His own Spirit
You have it IN YOU
to be secure.
Every day of your life
You have a choice to make
You can live in your old defeat
Or you can turn from your unbelief
And choose life
Make up your mind
To put off the old you
And put on the new you.
Never, ever, ever forget
That the Lord is your security.
He will keep your foot
From being caught in a trap.
He will take care of you
To your very last breath.
Now, leave this place
And go out into the world
And act like a person
Who knows she’s dearly loved.
You were born to be exceptional.
So, Girlfriend, go forth
And walk worthy of your calling.
You are clothed in strength and dignity!
Now unto Him
Who can keep you from falling
Be glory and majesty
Power and authority
Through Jesus Christ our Lord
Now and forever more
So Long, Insecurity!

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