Wednesday, June 9, 2010

God Our Father

Tess sings her blessing...such a sweet & simple prayer. I love her little voice these days, she sounds as if she is saying "God our Flower" and the "we would like to thank you" sounds like one word but that's what makes it sweet. The cutest thing about this video is when she is momentarily distracted by the sound of birds and gets a little side tracked. At this point I jump the gun by asking if she would like to sing our ever popular ABC song which she begins but feels the pressing need to sing our blessing one more time ~ this time with arm motions! Imagine if we all had that kind of enthusiasm when thanking our Father?!


1 comment:

  1. She is so precious. What's the second line in the prayer? I'm going to have to teach that to Isabel. She's a quiet prayer but if I teach her a song I think she might be a little more open with it. Not that it's that important at 2 but you know what I mean.