Monday, July 26, 2010

1 Wilderness Voice

I have often suggested that my husband write a blog. I think he speaks words that many need to hear but few are bold enough to say. Trust me, if you do not want to be challenged in your thinking do not read it. He does not mix words, he is honest, bold and does not fear a debate. But be warned...if you debate from emotion, tradition or preference alone and not from diligent & disciplined Bible study on a particular subject do not be surprised if you whimper away with your feelings hurt or scratching your head saying "he just challenged everything I hold dear - how dare he?!" But don't let your feathers ruffle so quickly...evaluate why you hold it dear ~ take a good look at whatever "it" my be and hold it up against the word of God. That should be our ONLY standard!!! It's good to have people in our lives that don't always tell us things we want to hear!
He is a voice crying out in the wilderness for people to return to gospel for he knows it is our only hope. He pastors with intensity & passion which some have labeled as "too serious". He is serious, he will be judged for how he shepherds the dear bride of Christ...that is a heavy responsibility. (James 3:1) He does the hard thing for the sake of Christ's name. He prays fervently on behalf of his people ~ he studies fervently to know God better. He does not fear man, the loss of a title or reputation or the loss of income ~ God's name and reputation are at stake. Churches need pastor/teachers like my husband ~ to call them to repentance in love, without fear of losing his "job". For this is not a job for my groom, it is the call of God on his life to "preach the word" to "be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching." 2 Tim. 4;2
So visit His latest entry is a heartfelt call for American churches to repent ~ read it as a prayer, read it and repent as I had to do.

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