Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One of five

A career mom, a hard working retail dad, a pastor, a dentist and me - manager of the home.  
These are my siblings...all unique, all loved and all pretty good looking if you ask me!!
They humored me and let me take a picture of all of us together 
after being outside in about 100 degree weather ~ 
not ideal for looking fresh for a picture but they did it for their little sister!!!
 They humored me a 2nd time when I asked them pose again...this time for a goofy shot. They even humored me one.more.time when I asked them to pose for my signature "jumping" picture but some of my siblings forbid me to post that pic as some body parts were revealed mid jump - not making for a very flattering picture.  That one will be our little "family secret"! 

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