Saturday, May 26, 2012

3.1 ~ check

I know all of you have been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the results of my first 5k...the one that I talked about here.  Well the wait is finally over.  Today was the day and I'm happy to say I finished!  I know for  a lot of people 3.1 miles isn't really a big deal but like I said in my earlier post ~ I.AM.NOT.A.RUNNER.  so to me this was a big deal.  My friend and I arrived early wearing our random goofy egg shirts (just because we found 2 of them for $1.99 at Salvation Army) ready to go.  I left Brent and my little people at home because it was just too early to get everyone up and moving.

I love the atmosphere of a race ~ there are people of every body type, age and fitness level, all running the same course as you.  There are people cheering for you that don't know you...there is something inspiring and  motivating about hearing "you've got this girl" from complete strangers.   And although I set no records, won no medals, I finished.  33:51 was my official time and for that, for a 39 year old gal who just started running in March, I'm proud of myself.

And to top of my race day excitement my sweet husband decided to load the kiddos up ~ drive the 45 min. and surprise me at the end of the race...what a guy.

And so I can check that off my list ~ on to an 8k, eventually.  

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  1. Great run, and some great pictures! Does this mean that the Dew is back in the game?? We can't wait to read about the 8k!!