Friday, June 8, 2012

Wide Open Spaces

We spent a couple of days with my parents at my mom's childhood home which has long been vacant.  The farmland is rented so there are always crops growing but the house is immune to time.  It's like time stood still inside that house ~ and every time I drive down that lane, I roll all the windows down and childhood memories flood in and I breath it in.   To read more about The Farm, click here.  Anyhoo....I was excited to see my folks, especially my dad because it had been awhile since he had seen the kiddos and I knew he would eat them up. I was right. 
 Everything is just slower's quiet, untouched by the hum of all that technology that we don't realize is humming until it isn't.   And it's wide open space ~ and everyone needs some wide open space every now and then.  We saw bunnies, turtles and turkeys ~ caught fireflies in a mason jar ~ blew bubbles (of course)  ~ and sat on the front porch just chillin'.
Good days.


Mrs. Trish ~ a friend of my parents who came down from Maine with them.