Monday, September 10, 2012

The day it became official

4 years ago today a judge we didn't know made a little girl we had fallen in love with, officially ours.  It was a day full of unknowns due to some very difficult extenuating circumstances involving her biological father, so when that judge stamped that order of adoption with his official seal and we had it in our hands our hearts and spirits lightened and we could finally "breath".  SHE WAS FOREVER OURS!!!!   It was a surreal moment, sitting in that court room (something we did not have to do for Joah).  It's hard to explain...she had been "ours" since we brought her home  in March - now it was 7 months later and it been a whirlwind of unexpected twists and turns, all heart wrenching and now we were sitting in a courtroom for this judge to make it official.

 So in the quiet of my heart this morning I thanked my good Father for giving her to us.  For keeping us in the palm of His hand throughout some of the toughest days I've experienced, and for simply loving us.  To HIM be all the glory.

Sept. 10, 2008 - Finalization Day

Sept. 10, 2012


  1. was so happy for you back then and now baby, prayed for you and the Lord was so faithful and true to give you the desires of your heart and that was my hearts desire for you also, she couldn't have gotton better parents anywhere, love you always baby
    Brenda, Curtis , & Lisa

  2. Amen - so happy for the opportunity to rejoice anew at the Lord's provision and deliverance!

  3. God always knows how to make the families our children need. Just as you have been blessed with Tess & Joah we are so thankful Hilary has been blessed with the Fiores and Pouchots! I know you treasure all these beautiful days with your little ones...they do grow so quickly. With love, Dale

  4. Moved to tears this morning! So happy for you and your family!!!!