Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My year in 12 snapshots

Happy New Year.  I thought I would start out this new year recapping last year with a snapshot for each month.  Now for those that know anything about me you know this was no small task as I TAKE A LOT OF PICTURES.  But I thought it would be good for me to look back over my year and think about those moments that were significant to me and my family.  Some months were easier than others, the summer months for example found us at the beach about every week with our good friends...The Murrells, it was slow and easy.  Then we get into those hectic holiday months - Halloween, Thanksgiving, my big 40 and Christmas...this is where I had to restrain myself and not post 1000 meaningful pictures.  I was a good exercise in simplifying and restraint.  :)

So here they are ~ my year in 12 snapshots.

January - Tess turns 4
February - Joah turns ONE!
March - A big red dog left by a big sister in front of her little brother's door.
Love in visible terms
April - My 2nd "official" newborn photo session.  
May - My first 5k with my sweet friend!
June - This was a hard month to choose just one because we spent a week at the farm  
and there were so many pictures that embodied my week there. 
July - My boy's 1st haircut 
Aug. - Our beach trip with my in-laws. 
Sept. - Again another month that was difficult to choose just one.
Our Maine trip to see Memoo & PawPaw
Oct. - The cutest cheetah & scarecrow around
Nov. -  This was a hard month to narrow down also.  I celebrated my 40th with a great evening with my husband, there was Thanksgiving with family and we met my new great nephew Levi Durham.  In the end, his sweet face won out!
Dec. - I end with this picture because this is my home base.
  These are the ones that know me best, that love me regardless of my shortcomings.
These are the ones that God has given to me to be a wife & mom to ~
to love and cherish.
This is home. 


  1. Just beautiful Marian all of the love you put into this. You're truly a kind, caring and very loving person and I am blessed to have met you. Your captions put tears in my eyes. (: Happy New Year's to you my wonderfully selfless friend. Thank you for sharing you world with us. Love you Marian!!!!!!!

  2. very sweet as always and a great idea to capture each month with a picture! love ya!