Monday, February 11, 2013

Touching little hearts...if only for awhile

Two of my brothers & their wives have adopted little girls and the same ones are also foster parents.  These couples have chosen to mold little hearts if only for a short while.  I admire them for this.  I know the task is not easy.   I also know that the little ones who pass through their doors will be loved and cared for while in a transitory and sometime difficult situation.
My brother John and his wife Tracy,  have had a little boy, one day younger than my little boy, for about 6 months. I blog about this today because on Friday they packed his things up to go live with his dad.  A good and happy ending to a long 6 months.
 I think I can safely say that while Ky lived with them he turned their world upside down.  They have a 10 yr. old, she gets up on her own, fixes her own breakfast, dresses herself....all the things a 2 yr. can't do on his own.   He is a 2 year little boy, active, on the go, didn't have the greatest sleep habits and did I mention active?  But oh so sweet and smart!  Little Ky was in transition and John & Tracy stepped up and said "yes" bringing him into their home.  That's what love does, it says "yes" even in uncertainty.   They, along with my family, their extended family and their church family, came to love that little guy.  Their schedules were rearranged, their sleep interrupted and their hearts forever intertwined with his.  So the goodbye was sad but don't get too teary eyed, not yet anyway.  Theirs is a unique story that only God could orchestrate.  They have had the opportunity to get to know Ky's father, to talk to him, to share life with him, to minister to him - something that doesn't happen often through the social service system.  Ky's dad has begun attending my brother's you know what that means?  They get to see Ky every week!  Like I said, this isn't the normal situation in foster families and I can attribute it to none other than God.  So if you would like to shed tears you may, but only tears of joy. Ky is at home with his daddy and John & Tracy still get to be involved in both of their lives - what a reason to celebrate.   The words of this song come to my mind
Our God is greater, our God is stronger

God You are higher than any other
Our God is Healer, awesome and power
Our God, Our God... 
Not all of us our called to be foster parents, but we, as Christians are all called to love.  Love in a way that thinks of others needs instead of our own.  Love that is selfless - love that is flexible - love that is strong - love that is committed even when it is difficult.  Love that only the Holy Spirit can produce.

 Ky's story is a story that only God can write...I pray that he and his dad will be good stewards of that story - telling others of God's goodness in a difficult time.  I look forward to seeing how God continues to write this little guy's story.

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  1. That's a beautiful God story. How awesome is our God!