Monday, August 26, 2013


Yesterday Tess started Kindergarten.   Yesterday we started our homeschool journey.  Yesterday I fell captive to thoughts of "Can I do this?" "Is this "good" for Tess?" and "Is she really missing out?" when I viewed all the FB posts with little ones going out the door to school, or sitting at their cute little desks, or toting their big backpacks onto the school bus.  Yesterday I was gently reminded that Tess is right where she needs to be.  Yesterday I was also encouraged by a friend that prayer & proximity are vital in  her little life.  Yesterday I saw my little girl light up when she saw her "school room", I saw her get excited with her new workbooks, I saw her go over to the world map over and over, asking if we can learn about different countries.  Yesterday my heart was made glad when she told me that her first day was the greatest first day ever.
Yesterday we started an adventure. 


  1. Marian,
    My heart is overjoyed at this post. You have taken the first step on a journey, I assure you, will be the joy of your life. Your investment in this child, your child, will reap dividends that you cannot dream of now. You are in my prayers and you have my full support. I will help you, laugh with you, cry with you and encourage you all I can. I am delighted to call you my friend. You have already shown me so much as you so sweetly love your children. God bless you each day of the school year! Remember, He isn't watching from a distance, He is in the journey with you.

  2. Hi Marian! We began our homeschooling and kindergarten journey on the 19th. I'm so excited that I have another friend to encourage along the way! I have had the exact same thoughts as you, but overall I am filled with such joy to be able to have the opportunity to homeschool.
    Your room looks wonderful! What a beautiful environment you've created for Tess! I love it!
    PS- When you wrote about Tess losing her first tooth (way back when), I had the thought, "I am definitely not ready for that!" Then, about a week later, Gracie discovered her tooth was loose. She ended up losing two teeth about 3 months before she turned 5!! So, that blog post helped to prepare me for yet another stage of my little girl, growing up!

  3. Lit Bit ,
    Just seeing the excitment in those beautiful brown eyes says it all- you made the right decision!!And just the excitment to learn more.Ilove it.And her little class room is so cute.Looking forward to seeing it.Love, love Memoo in Maine

  4. This is so sweet! I love your "I love you sign". That's a good way to start the school day.