Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Friend Snoopy

I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd share with you about my friend Snoopy. This stuffed animal has been around in my family since my older brother Davie was a little boy. I inherited him when I was little because I loved stuffed animals. I had piles of this day I still have some packed away in a box that I just can't get rid of. Anyway, Snoopy shared high school with me, strategical placed on my bed when I left in the morning so he could talk to the other animals. (Everyone knows that the animals talk when we leave the room right?!) He then ventured to college with me and sat proudly on my bed. I moved back home and then got married & somehow Snoopy got left behind in the moving and stayed at home with my folks. On one of my first visits to Maine to see my parents there I saw Snoopy perched on their bed. I was okay with him staying there. Then Tess came into our lives. Somehow it didn't seem right for my little girl to grow up without him so I asked my mom if Snoopy could once again take up residence with us. So now here he stays. He is worn, has different colored yarn stitches keeping in his stuffing and has mismatched eyes (he lost one and it was replaced by a button). He is a gentle reminder that Love doesn't care what you look doesn't care if you're worn out, a little dingy and can't hold your head up because the stuffing has all shifted. Tess could care less about all those things, she just likes picking him up and hugging him and then sticking her finger in his newest tear...looks like he'll have another color thread shortly. Hopefully one day she will share Snoopy with her little one!

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