Wednesday, January 14, 2009


We'll our little girl turned a year old on Monday. I can hardly believe how quickly the months have passed. It seems like yesterday we were swaddling her and waiting for her to hold her head up on her own. We had such a fun day with her! We decided just to relax and hang out with each other. We started Tess' birthday with a trip for her bday breakfast at Cracker Barrel...hope we get to do this every year! It is such a relaxing atmosphere and she loves breakfast food...just like her dad! As we were paying Brent told the cashier that it was Tess' birthday so she proceeded to sing to her, it was so sweet and Tess laughed and clapped her hands as the lady was singing. After making a few stops, of course Wal-Mart being one of those, we headed home to let Tess take her nap. After nap time we decided it would be a good time to break out the cake. Following in so many parents footsteps we let Tess just have at it! She was a mess and we weren't too sure if she even ate any but it made for some cute pictures. The only way to clean off the sugary goo was a bath - she had it head to toe! My brother and sister-in-law had given us gift certificates to Applebees for Christmas so we decided to make a whole day of going out to eat and headed to Applebees for some good eats. Tess loves her some french fries (Thanks Dan & Mel) Then off to Target (we didn't want to leave it out) where I found some pants and shirts for Tess for .94. Yes ladies, a whopping 94 cents! Tess didn't care but I was thrilled! Then off to home where she played with her new Fisher Price farm and animals for awhile and then down for the night around 8:45! What a day! Such good memories with our sweet little gift from God. We are so privileged to be a part of this little one's life...God is so good to His children!

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  1. Oh Lord, to have one child and get to do all that stuff. I barely remember those days. Happy Birthday, Baby Tess. Your cousin Jack is looking at your picture right now telling me he can't see you because the picture is too small. Sorry we couldn't celebrate with you. Hopefully we will get to see you soon. BTW, if you want music you have to do I hate music. It is too distracting and always blares out when I have kids napping so I opt out of any music. And I don't really like reading blogs with music because it is too distracting trying to concentrate. But playlist works if you want it. You just have to embed the code. Sorry I didn't call you back. I was sick AGAIN!