Thursday, February 19, 2009

Curious Little Girl & Crazy Mom with Camera!

We had to have the faucet in our kitchen replaced and Tess was so curious...not so much of the plumber but of all his tools on the floor! She kept pointing to the screwdriver and then pointing to the man under the sink-I guess she was hoping he would she her & give her permission to pick it up...after she realized her pointing was in vain...she gave up and moved on. I just hope the man under the sink wasn't thinking..."okay why do I keep seeing a this lady taking a picture of me?!?!" The things we do to "catch the moment!"
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  1. The plumber probably thought this crazy woman needs to go on with her camera. He was probably glad to go away from your house. Bubby needs to learn how to do that stuff. Would save you a ton of money.