Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentines Day 2009

Da da & his littlest Valentine at our lunch date!
My brother Danny & his wife Melissa Kaye gave Tess this beautiful dress when we went to see Dr. Dan for Tess' 1st dental appt. (those pics will be coming later). This picture was taken before Sundays go like this for everyone!?
The day got better....Valentine sweetness! Thanks Uncle Dan & Aunt K for my pretty dress!


  1. Girl, you don't even want to know how Sundays go at the Sickels' house (especially considering we have to leave an hour before we need to be there. MC had a red dress last Sunday too. Dentist? Do you start that early? Our dentist want even see them before they are 3.

  2. Only God could make a baby girl that beautiful and she brings a smile to our face and laughter to our hearts.Since we are so for away I willgo to Mommies blog quite often during the day.Tess has gotten to be such a BIG girl!!!!And all of those beautiful teeth that Uncle Dr. Dan will be taking care of. And I do Think she will follow in her Uncle Johns @ cousin John Montgomery steps when it comes to sports because she is so tall. Running. But for now she is our Baby girl.So I sign off smiling(..) Tess,s PawPaw and Grammie from Maine

  3. Yes, Sunday's do go like that for me too. Three kids and the hubby alreay at church makes for a crazy, frequently unhappy Sunday morning! Day of rest??? Hard to do in this house! And thanks for checking out my blog and the encouragement!