Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Drum roll please....I HAVE PICTURES TO POST! (Part 1)

Okay, here it is, a post with pictures! I have my computer back and I'm up and running! So without further's whats been going on in the life of Tess these last few weeks!
Tess loves to "read" She climbs up in her little white chair with her books all the time.

Brent was gone to the Desiring God Pastors Conference so I went down to visit with my family. This is my brother John...he is giving Tess sweet tea (her 1st taste of an "adult" drink) Prior to this she had just been drinking water, juice & milk. Of course she loved it! And I loved being up with her at 3 am that morning trying to figure out why she wouldn't sleep. Did I mention that it was reeeally sweet tea!!!
This is Tess' Aunt Tracy and cousin Molly Grace (My brothen's wife & daugther) We are at an indoor track meet that two of my nephews ran in. Both of them by the way, qualified for Regionals! The picture below is Tess following Molly Grace around the track...It was a fun day.

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