Thursday, February 12, 2009

What I'd do with that diaper??? OH, there it is!

Have you ever had one of those days when you thought you were too young to simply forget where you put such an obvious item as a diaper?! Well I had one, yesterday to be exact. I can understand losing your keys, they're small, you come in with your hands full and set them down somewhere. Or maybe your glasses, you put them on the top of your head and ask, "now where are those glasses?" (yes I've done it!) Or even your cell phone? (a little aside that makes me laugh every time I think about it - My mom and I were riding in the car one day and she was talking to someone one her cell phone and looked over at me and said, "wait a minute Marian, I can't find my phone...where is my phone?" I looked over at her and thought, "this is it, she has stepped over the ledge and officially lost it!" So I simply said, "you're talking on it mom." We laughed so hard we nearly peed our pants!) So I know we misplace things, but a diaper? This is how it went down. I changed Tess before her nap but for some reason she just wouldn't settle down, which is unlike her. My girl likes her afternoon nap! Brent and I were eating lunch so I thought I would let her work it out for few min. After several min. of crying I thought something was just not right so I went in to see what was the issue. Well there she was in all her glory, naked from the waist down and standing in a puddle of tee tee! I had forgotten to put her little britches back on after I changed her and she has obviously learned how to take her diaper off. So I scooped up the dry diaper put it somewhere and proceeded with the cleanup. After a quick bath and sheet changed I reached for the diaper which I thought I left in her room, nowhere to be seen-"now where is that diaper? I just had the darn thing" So I put a new one on her and put her back to bed and searched high and low for that diaper. Where in the world could it have gone? Diapers just don't disappear. I took all her soaked sheets and socks and some of her clothes and threw them in the wash. Not thinking anymore of the missing diaper I went to take out the load of clothes. "What is that? Oooh, there's the diaper!" It had found it's way into the sheets and now weighed 100 lbs but with a hole in the bottom just big enough for most of that wonderful jelly type stuff to get out and onto everything! I was aggravated to have to clean up all that goo but I was somewhat relieved I had found that crazy diaper. I was beginning to think there was no diaper at all and that I just put my child to bed naked. So the morale of this story is...oh who am I kidding, there's no moral! I just thought someone out there would get a little laugh from my story! Enjoy this post even if you can't find your glasses to read it!


  1. so funny! staci did this very same thing last week. The dry diaper was in Jack's pajamas when she washed them. it took her a little while to figure out what all the white flaky stuff was.

  2. Thank you sweet Tess for the Valentine's. Maci Clare was especially excited because she didn't have any and the boys had tons. She kept saying, "There's a Tat on it." She loved it. Thank you.