Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EXODUS 20:12

This post is my attempt to honor my mother....she is the primary reason for me wanting to grow up and become a wife and mother.

I share my mother's name...I pray that I also share her Godly qualities.
  • She is selfless...she is concerned about the needs of others no matter how it may "inconvenience" her
  • She is submissive to & honors my father, a quality that is so often lost in today's culture & sadly to say even among Christian women.
  • She has a heart for parents moved to Maine to serve & minister to those who do not have a church on every corner as do many of us.
  • She loves her family...every one of her 5 children can testify to the the love she has poured out on each one of us throughout our lives.
  • She is generous~she would give the shirt off her back, the shoes of her feet and her last $5 without a second thought
  • She is a little quirky...okay this one may not be a godly quality but God created her and all her little "quirks" so it goes on the list & it's what makes her fun! For example, she likes to use "clear" shampoo, she doesn't like to sleep on dark sheets, she has a million white shirts because she loves white (she wants all her family to dress in white at her funeral, not black!!!) She doesn't like to drink out of plastic cups, she has stray packets of sugar, splenda & other condiments in the bottom of her purse & she only chews a half of piece of Wrigley's gum (where does the other half guessed it, in the bottom of her purse!)
  • She shares the Good News with everyone all the time !
  • She seeks to please her Heavenly Father every day!
I could go on with my list... but basically ~
She is a
God Fearing
Good News Sh
Mission Mind
Woman of God !

I'm so glad God gave me this woman to model
my life as a wife & mother after!

I LOVE YOU MOM and had a good time with you this last week!
(yes, that's the reason for no posts since last Friday!)


  1. Finally! I've been wondering what was going on. You had me a little worried. Good pictures of Tess and your mom.

  2. Your Mom is one of the sweetest ladies I've ever known. It's been too long since I've seen her (and you too for that matter).

  3. What a great tribute to your mom! It makes me want to know her.

    I am with your mom on the plastic cup, I so prefer glass :o)

  4. Hi Marian! Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you will email me at I will then email you my password to our family blog.

  5. Marian! Your daughter is so cute! She has wonderful big brown eyes and great eye lashes.

  6. That is such an amazing tribute to your mom! Moms that are hard to find! Glad you had such a great visit, and looks like everyone had a blast! That last picture, with your little girl sleeping in her arms, is so sweet!