Friday, March 13, 2009

Hmmm...let me see what I can get into today!

My sweet little peanut is very curious...I guess all 1 yr. olds are. However, she had a very active day yesterday putting that curiosity into action!

What she must have been thinking....
"Mom leaves my blanket in my crib but if I just put my foot here, and hmm, pull up here, maybe, just maybe I can snag that blankie!" (Mom's observation: she wears that stethoscope around a lot during the day...she likes our cat to be her test patient~that's always interesting)
"Then with a little effort I found I can get up on the coffee table"... (Mom's observation: I should tell her no immediately but I have to get a picture!)
"hmmm...this just doesn't seem right...somehow I know I'm not supposed to be up here!" (Mom's observation: Now I can say no..."oohh Ms. Tess you're not supposed be on the table!" I think she was imitating my mouth!)
Then of course my favorite..."who knew there were so many in this container?!"
(Mom's observation: I wonder if she is going to try and eat one?)

"And what's the fun of taking these things out if I can't taste it!"
(Mom's observation: I was right!)

And just a little sister-in-law & the one responsible for getting me hooked on blogging~ Tami at Muddlin Thru Motherhood is doing a giveaway!!! (The 1st of 2) She has made some cute little hair bows...I have some already and they are very well made and so precious! She is so crafty! So head on over there and tell her I sent you! Have fun!


  1. Thanks for the plug. The wipes thing drives me crazy. Maci Clare does that all the time. The boys just didn't do that. I have to keep ours put up. She is growing up so fast. Won't be long and she'll be telling you NO like MC does to me.

  2. Hi Marian,

    This is a sweet and funny post, I love the "I know I should tell her no immediately but I have to get a picture" thing. Those are oftentimes the best moments! :)

    Thank so much for stopping by my blog today, and for your lovely comment. It is wonderful to know there are others who have played the waiting game (so to speak) and survived! Your daughter is adorable!

    Thanks also for your comment on my photography. I do sell my photos and would like to do so more, but it's been slow-going with the economy troubles.


  3. Oh... your sweet little girl is precious! I love seeing all of the wonderful, happy pictures. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It is so nice to meet you.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. ~smile~
    I hopped over to check out your blog and read this post. My husband was looking over my shoulder and said, "Is that Adelia (our one-year old) getting into everything?" Our daughter is at that very same making-a-mess-of-everything stage! :)
    Blessings to you and yours,

  5. Yes,
    I remember the beginning of these days all too well. Now she is two and stands on the kitchen table and climbs in the bathroom sink.

    It is all down hill from here, girl!

  6. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. I'm wrapping up this major project with our agency and hope to be back in blog land next week :)

    Oooohhh, I could spend hours talking how beautiful open adoption has been for our family! I would love to chat with you.

    Your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! She has such a sweet smile...she looks like a busy one!!
    Blessings, stacy

  7. What great shots and comments "showingoff" our precious little Tess who wont be little long..pretty soon she will be "in Charge" and going strong...bouncing along...singing a songand smiling to keep hearts happy as she discovers something new everyday. God"s gifts are always perfect!!! Keep up the good work, Mom and Dad!!! Paw-Paw in Maine

  8. My little one loved to pull the wipes out too! I don't remember how many times she would get a hold of the box and just start flinging away! I guess if I was smarter, I would have put them up in a better spot! Maybe I'll just blame my lack of "smartness" on sleep deprivation:)

    Those are such cute pictures of your little girl! I love the one of her on the table!

    Hope you have a great day!!

  9. Oh, she's very beautiful! My little girl does some of these things too.

  10. She is too cute.

    My turn is coming in a short few months. They grow so fast. It feels like just yesterday Eli was a newborn and now he's a 5 month old giant.

  11. your daughter is adorable. love your blog. i read some of the books you're reading right now, good choices.