Monday, March 2, 2009

My husband said something in his sermon last Sunday that made me laugh...he said, and I'm paraphrasing, that God created men and women are of equal value but with distinctively different roles to fulfill... he simply stated that "we are wired differently!" I don't think I have to explain that to anyone, if we have had any contact with men, we know what that means!

Then to prove his point - without him even knowing it- I came across this in my linen closet.
I just had to laugh. My sweet husband is so good about housework! He can do it all-cook, clean, do laundry, you name it, he's done it! However, there are a few things that matter to me that are not as important to him. The way I fold towels is one of those things! I don't think I even have to point out which stack is mine and which one was his! I just spoke those words to myself..."wired differently" and left the towels the way they were. Hey, they are clean, put in the right place, and there were two less towels I had to wash and fold...who cares how they look!!

I'm am so thankful God did wire us different...what a dull and unfulfilled marriage we would have if we were created just like one another. The joy and ever growing attempt to know the man God gave me over 14 years ago keeps me dependent on the One who created him. For when I recognize that God crafted this fellow and that he has a specific role to fill, it is then will I love, honor, respect, submit & treasure him above all other men! Oh to value and recognize that on a daily often I fail!

He is wired differently but we are also wired together & I would have my towel closet no other way!


  1. love it! i fold my towels just like you, scott has brent's same folding style. wouldn't trade him for anything!
    p.s. thanks for voting for our little Marsh Man!

  2. You got that right, girl. The pics of my wall organization and my new desk are coming. I'm not finished. But I will be this weekend after my trip to IKEA. So they are in the making. Can't wait to post what I got for my b-day.

  3. Hi Marian, thanks for stopping by my blog! This is a great post. Something I need to repeat to myself often, "wired differently, wired differently."

    Looking forward to reading more of your thoughts!