Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Planes, Places & People Part 1

These past two weeks have been a hub bub of activity for Tess & I. Brent has been in India with the All India Prayer Fellowship Ministry so we decided to take a trip to visit some family and friends we haven't seen in awhile. I also had the brilliant thought to "redo" Brent's office as a surprise. Thank goodness for my parents & some kind friends at church because without them it would have never been completed! Before we left we also had the opportunity to attend my older brother's induction into the Hall of Fame at our high school for his past achievements in track in field/cross country. He was quite the runner in the day. Anyway, needless to say Tess has been toted here and there and she has done great!

Flying is always an adventure with a toddler! Airlines...I have a love/hate relationship with them. If you have ever flown with little ones you know what I'm talking that an otherwise 8 or 9 hour trip should (should being the operative word here) take just a couple of hours.

The picture below is of Miss Tess before everyone is seated and we have to move seats b/c the flight attendant says there are not two oxygen masks in those single seats.... (up until they are 2 they are still considered "lap infants" ) so we moved to a double seat which someone asked me later and I never thought about "do those have THREE masks?" Hmmm....not sure but I wish I would have thought to ask because I had to change seats on each flight ~ that's 4 times!
  • hate having to take off every piece of clothing to get through security
  • hate that most people are oblivious to a mother who is visible struggling to get the carry on, her very curious little person, and a stroller all through the checkpoint ~ oops did I mention that I forgot to dump the sippy cup out and now we have to have our bags checked
  • hate buying bottled water for $10 (ok so that's a little exaggeration but geez does it have to be sooo expensive ~ it's water!)
  • hate being crammed on a tiny tin box flying who knows how many miles above ground
  • hate having to decide if I'm going to attempt to take Tess to the bathroom to change her diaper....ok I don't even feel right about calling it that b/c technically it's not a "room" it's a shoebox ..."oh wait, what is that warm feeling on my leg?! You have got to be kidding me!!"
  • hate that once the plane lands you stand with your neck bent half in the aisle and half still in the seat for what seems like foreeeever!
  • hate opening your luggage and seeing everything that was neatly packed is now just a piled mess!
I guess the time you make up with flying should make up for all those things I dislike about flying but seldom they do!!

The time I got to spend with some very dear friends and sweet family was well worth it though!

My sister-in-laws family & some of my family at my brother Hall of Fame induction service.

He was also recognized at the football game during half time

Tess "chasing" my dad

A trip to the Zoo with Uncle Chris & Chancy

TIME WITH BADOTTI, PAPPA (Brent's parents)
& THE COUSINS (Brent's sister's children)

Brent's parents have a golf cart and his mom takes the kids on one CRAZY, WILD, ride thru the cemetery (she's the pastor's's not disrespectful if she does it! he he)
This was Tess' 1st ride & she loved it!
Maci Clare will be 3 in March...Tess will 2 in Jan. MC is a cute little petite thing!I think this photo is funny...just look at Tess' expression!

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  1. Tess is absolutely adorable. I agree with you about trying to travel with a little one - it is a love/hate relationship. Your family looks great - please tell them hello for me. :)