Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Well I tried it ~ I put braids in Tess' hair. I've been to other blogs where the moms have got this hair thing down ~ I knew I wouldn't be one of those moms, not yet anyway. I have put it off because I just feel so inadequate in that area. I have a hard enough time doing my hair! She did pretty well ~ we watched a few episodes of Little Bill and Little Einsteins and I gave her some Legos & snacks to occupy her. My parts are not clean at all but I have a friend coming next week to show me some, as she put it, "things to make my life a little easier" so I'm looking forward to that! Until then I think I will leave these in for a couple of days.


  1. They look great. I love the first picture.
    Be sure to pass on any tips! I use what they call a rat tail comb for the parts, it has the long metal teeth. Parting is my least favorite.

  2. Me too, I don't like doing parts. Another suggestion is to put a small rubber band at the base of the braid. Essentially you are making small ponytails all over her head. Then braid the pony tail putting a rubberband at the end, or you can wrap the end around a the bar of a barrette and then close it. I have found that works good too. All in all I think your first attempt was great!

  3. She is so beautiful! Love the braids...super impressed. I think it's a good thing I have boys ;)

  4. Okay, so you did a WAY better job than I could!! I am SO afraid of Viv's hair!
    Great job! :)

  5. Marian~
    I think it's *adorable*. And so cute and colorful! Good job, mama! My parts aren't clean with Adelia's hair, either.... it's one thing I'm going to "try better" at next time! :)