Friday, September 10, 2010

A Thankful Heart

Today 2 years ago a judge decreed that Baby Girl Roe would be forever Tess Elizabeth, a part of our family, a legal member of our "tribe"! What a day! So today we rejoice!!!

The celebrating of Tess' "final" day was made even more special because of my husband's prayer list. You see he has this prayer list, I wish I could show it to you, it is a sheet of paper, torn & tattered, requests crossed off, new ones written in. It's not pretty to the eye but it is beautiful.

*Please understand that I am in any way proclaiming a "name it ~ claim it" type of theology ~ God does at times grant His children's requests for material things ~other times He does not. Our joy, fulfillment & satisfaction is in HIM, not in the gifts!!*
One particular request has been on there for awhile ~ a new camera for my wife. Photography is my hobby ~ my "if I could be anything in the world...(outside of wife and mom of course) it would be a photographer" type of hobby! Maybe one day it will be an extra source of income for our family. Maybe. (remember I said this was a hobby, I still have a lot to learn & and I'm no pro)

So my husband prayed ~ yes he prayed that one day he would have the resources needed to buy his bride a nice camera. The Lord saw fit to answer that request about a week ago and I now have a nice digital SLR camera. Aren't you thankful for a God that answers prayers that give us simple joy, like a camera? It's not about the camera's about our trust and confidence in THE ONE who provided the money for the camera. It's about our Heavenly Father listening to a simple request from a man who desired a nice gift for his bride. HE hears.

I'm also so thankful for a Godly husband that knows God does hears and petitions Him daily ~ from everything to our daily bread, to a little extra money for a camera ~ He knows everything comes from the Father's hands!

So when I woke up today I was already planning my first "photo shoot" to celebrate this special day with my beautiful daughter! I had such fun & Tess thought it was cool that I let her go barefoot in public.

**I began to write this post during T’s nap-time and since then we received another gift from our good God by way of some family ~ a check for some of our adoption expenses!!!!


Thank you Father for the gifts you give us!


  1. ADORABLE pictures! You must have really enjoyed doing these. And she is so cute!!!

  2. What a blessing and what a happy day! Beautiful pictures - she is just a adorable!

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  4. What a beautiful little girl! What a wonderful God!!!

  5. Congratulations on the special day and the new camera! The pictures are just stunning. Your new header and background design go perfectly together. Love it!

  6. I love those photos!! Such a pretty girl!

  7. WOw! she is beautiful and I loove the pics!! God is so faithful isnt He. He amazes me!!