Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh how I love a wedding!

I had the joy, honor and privilege of taking pictures at my friends daughter's wedding this weekend. I was not the "official " photographer so I must give her kudos for allowing an amateur to shoot on "her" turf. She was asked if it was okay ahead of time and she actually thought it was a good idea since, I quickly learned, that a lot goes on at a wedding and you have to be several different places at once to get the shot. So as she shot in place I would go somewhere else and take pictures! I had a blast and I gained some very valuable experience. I did not take any shots of the "group" pictures because the photographer was totally in charge of that so I just stood back and snapped some candids. Her is just a sample of the pictures. I have the wedding bug now!

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  1. I love them. My two absolute favorites are the the very first with the shoes in the background, and the one of the flower girls hair piece showing the bridal party in the background. Weddings are as much about what is happening around the Bride as they are about the Bride. I too love weddings. And I love being envolved in this industry with my husband, we get to go to them together. Romantic sparks still hit us everytime. I never leave a wedding shoot without knowing how much he loves me and how lucky we are. Congrats!