Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A few days to Celebrate!


Today was Joah's Placement Ceremony at Bethany Christian Services. They have a little time for scripture reading, prayer and then they present him with a Bible. It was very simple but so sweet. It was just the four of us, our case worker, her replacement (she's retiring) and the resident nurse at the office. It was a sweet time of rejoicing and also of thanksgiving for the birth-mother.
Since our adoption is no longer consider "at risk"
we officially signed our adoptive placement agreement

Reading scripture with daddy

The lady on the left is the birthmother case worker and is actually the one who handed us Joah the day we went to go get him. Our case worker is holding Joah.

I knew ahead of time that they would have a Bible for Joah and mentioned to Brent before we left that Tess didn't get a Bible from her "ceremony" ~
God is in the details ~
when we got there they had a Bible for Tess also!!


Yesterday, March 29, was Tess' 3rd "Gothcha Day".
What a joy this little girl brings to us!
I took a day and went to a local historic site to take some pictures of my sweet little Tess - and of course little brother got in on some of the shots!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! What a cool ceremony! And the fact that they gave Tess a bible too!?!?! WOW!! Congratulations!

  2. Everything about this post is BEAUTIFUL!