Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who is the Bible about?

I, at great risk to my reputation as a parent trying to raise a godly child, offer this video. From my daughter's own honest admission you can tell we are not one of those families that excludes tv all together from her "diet".  We teach her Bible verses, she knows the 1st part of a shorter catechism for young children, we read to her from The Jesus Storybook Bible, and my husband has started her early with The Church History ABC's.  And yet, what does she answer when asked who the Bible is about?  Ariel, Bubble Guppies (a new NickJr cartoon) God (at least she mentions him) Team Umizoomi  and Jesus. She then ends  like any good baptist would do with a hearty AMEN! ~ boy do we have a loooong way to go!


  1. Just goes to prove that it's all of grace!
    Found you through The Preachers Wife, and I'm happy to "meet" another preacher's wife who has a child that looks like one of mine--and who is teaching the catechism for young children. Blog On, sister!

  2. I loved this! I am right there with you. I just started a 2 year old curriculum with my daughter this past January. She does know some verses and some Catechism, but when we ask her, "Do you know Jesus loves you?" her answer, "No Jesus is mad." I have no idea where it came from, but there's time. LOL Thanks for sharing. I am feeling better now that I'm not failing mom :0)