Wednesday, September 14, 2011

BSF and big dinosaurs

I was recently asked by my dear friend ~ whose encouraging blog you can read here ~ if I had any advice on how to answer people when they ask why she and her husband have chosen to homeschool without sounding "preachy".  I simply told her to respond with humility and honesty.  That she believes this is the best option for her and her husband to consistently train and teach Godly character thru an education based on a biblical worldview.  Then I told her that she cannot control how people respond to her decision.  People will respond with a LOAD of misinformation, with preconceived ideas, and many times automatically become defensive because "they went to public/private/christian - whatever kind of school and they turned out fine."   Our response to those people should be one of grace & humility but also seasoned with confidence and security in our own decision for our family. 
Which brings me to today...Brent and I chose not to enroll Tess in preschool, which, at least in this area, seems to be the "norm" for 3 & 4 yr. olds.  We just believe that since I have the privileged of not working outside of the home I can take on that responsibility of teaching Tess some of the basics.   As far as her social adaptation we have many different outlets for her to interact with others, playdates, library time, music class - you get the point.  Today we added another "class" ~ not just for Tess & Joah but for me also - and I'm so excited for all of us!  I joined BSF, (Bible Study Fellowship) and if you would like to learn more about this international systematic bible study you can click here.   It is 2 hours every week and every age group from babies to adults are studying the book of Acts.  Tess was so excited today as we packed up her things to go to "bible class" - just imagine if adults were as excited as my 3 yr. to learn scripture and sing songs like "Holy, Holy, Holy" !  I can't wait to see what she soaks in every week,  however, today after her class I asked her what her teachers talked about and she said "big dinosaurs" - highly unlikely but she was convinced that was the topic - so we will see how the "soaking up" goes!  :) 

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