Saturday, October 1, 2011

31 Days of Happy

I got this idea from The Domestic Fringe  and thought I'd join in...however I'm not promising anything.  I tried this idea at Christmas last year and got thru about 10 days I think  ~ so... we will see.  I like the idea because no matter how chaotic the day is, or how overwhelmed I feel with all the "stuff" life throws at me, I always seem to find something, even if it is tiny, to make me smile.  A reminder that God orders my days and I am HIS child and HE is for me!!!  So here we go with Day 1 of my happy.

God's beauty
It looks almost painted but I actually took this picture while we were away for a couple of days in the mountains.  Look at it...can you not smile when you see it?  God's creation just testifies over and over of His goodness to us.  That should make you smile, or make you fall humbly on your knees and acknowledge that you need this God. 

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