Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Costumes, Happy Toes, Happy Harvest & Happy Halloween

I was determined I was going to finish my 31 Days of Happy on this last day of October.  So, here are the last of my happys.
A little aside:  Yes we participate in Halloween and  instead of pontificating (how ya like that big word) on and on about why we take part in this day I will direct you to a link from David Mathias and a post by Justin Taylor.  They, in my opinion, give wise counsel on how to view this holiday for Christians.  In the end, however, I know each family must do what they feel is best for them.  So I will not pass judgment on those of you who don't participate if you don't pass judgment on those of us who do.

Day 28: Happy Costumes 
My little ballerina and my little Native American

This is my brother....the blonde with the skirt.  (It just feels wrong saying that)

Day 29 : Happy Harvest
A fun evening at my brothers church's Harvest Festival * Click on collage to view larger image*

Day 30: Happy Toes
Joah has found that his toes taste pretty good.  To gnaw on his toes makes him happy.

AND....drum roll please....dat dat da ~
DAY 31: Our Halloween evening
We started off handing our candy to others....Tess is not too certain about giving away that candy to strangers.

She finally conceded to the fact that we were not keeping this candy and we made our way out to the front porch to hand out the goodies.
This picture just cracks me up...I told her to hold tight to her brother.  Preferably not around his neck.  


  1. hey! love the choking pic and last family pic!!

  2. Marian these are beautiful. It has been awhile since I have sat and worked through my blog, but when August and her friend offered to wash dishes, well I jumped on the opportunity. Your Photography is getting consistantly better and better. I love your use of depth of field and focusing on the important things in the photo. THE PEOPLE! So many photographers make the photos about the surroundings about their interpretation of art, but I truly feel we create beautiful photos to remind us of wonderful things and you have done an amazing job of capturing and reminding everyone that the wonderful gifts of god are truly the loved ones we share our very shor lives with. One day when you are gone your children will have these beautifuly done heirlooms to remember all their wonderful times.

    Pretty Pretty Pretty, Keep up the good work with your growing family as well as the exciting work of God.