Sunday, October 9, 2011

My man makes me happy

So here I am on Day 9 of  my 31 days of happy project.  Thinking about things that make me happy has been pretty easy, trying to capture them and blog about them a little tougher.
While at our church gathering today I just happened to "peek" at my husband while he was praying ( and many times I pray with my eyes WIDE open ~ gasp)  Anyway, as I looked at him and the banner he stood under I thought, "That man makes me happy" and then I thought "he makes me happy for a lot of reasons but the main reason is because he truly lives his life under the premise of that banner".
He is a man that lives for something bigger than himself, he knows that he is not his own.  He belongs to Almighty Father.  Life in ministry is hard. He knows that even in those hard times his labor is not in vain because he does not "work" for those that pay him, he labors for the ONE who bought him.  I'm not certain people can truly grasp how difficult ministry life is until you have walked this path.  We have walked it together for over 16 years now and I would choose to walk it with no other. 

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