Saturday, January 28, 2012

Calm in the Chaos

We are moving and anyone that has moved knows that your home becomes, well, chaotic.  Boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and more boxes.  Our home especially has become a little hard to navigate because the space is so tiny and boxes are not so tiny.  It's like walking thru a maze.  Not to mention moving with a 4 yr. old and an almost 1 yr.'s been interesting.  I've tried to keep some sort of normalcy for the kiddos but that is becoming increasingly difficult and I find myself retreating at times to the one place in the home that isn't overrun with boxes yet ~ the bathroom.  Odd I know but it is bright and boxless and it gives me a min. to recharge. 
Oh and did I mention that my 1 yr. old has been sick this past week ~ it's amazing what a mamma can do with a baby attached to her hip!  Yet thru all this chaos, we find calm ~ we find rest.  God is good to give us sleep, even if it is propped up with a baby lathered in Vicks lying on your chest, or in a swing that he is probably technically to big for.  We shut our eyes to one day of God's grace and open our eyes with the goodness of a new day filled with more grace ~ just for that day, just enough for what we need.  Praise God who IS OUR CALM.

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