Saturday, January 14, 2012

Presents, Pizza , Pottery, A Princess and of course a PARTY!

My little girl turned 4 on Thursday.  I can't believe it ~ FOUR.  Four years ago we didn't even know she existed but God did.  He ordered and planned the whole thing and 2 1/2 months after her grand entrance into this world we finally laid eyes on her.  Since then our lives have never been the same.  Four years of learning, growing, tears and giggles for all of us.  We celebrated her day & the day after with a bunch of things she loves, they just happened to be all "p's".  She told me today,  "my birthday was awesome, can we still celebrate?"  Well, yes my little love, we can.  I will daily celebrate God's handiwork in you.  The way you love, the way you hug, the way you still hum while you eat, the way you act silly, the way you create, and all the wonderful things that make you - YOU!  Happy Birthday dear little Tess.  You bring joy to our lives and we thank our good Father for placing you in our family.

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