Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The ONE who does not move

We are moved.  Almost one week ago we packed up our things and moved from Northern Va. to the coast of Va.  Not a long move, but a move none the less.  This is the first thing (aside from a calender ) that I hung up on the walls.  I take my time hanging pictures, I have to get a "feel" for the space and I just don't want to throw things up willy nilly.  This I thought was an appropriate "first" homey thing to decorate our new space.

 When all else around us changes, God remains the same.  How comforting ~ what peace that offers.  He is consistent, unchanging and as the first part of the verse says, he gives good and perfect gifts.  What hope! 
And because He is unchanging that means:
His love...unchanging
His faithfulness....unchanging
His goodness....unchanging
So amidst the craziness and change which is a move, God remains the same.  Still loving, still providing and still sovereign over ALL things! 

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