Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 3 & 4 - Timely words & coffee mugs

Day 3 -  For timely and life giving words

Sunday many times is a whirlwind - get everyone up, feed & dressed and scurry off to church-time all the while maintaing a spirit of thankfulness, not an easy task some days.  This Sunday was no different and to top it all off my boot heel broke right off so instead of flopping around with a dangling heel I just chose to go without shoes - classy I know.   And as a little background story, my family has been in a bit of "limbo" as far as my husbands vocational work, our housing, possible relocation for quite some time now- not the easiest of circumstances.  So thats where we find my head and heart as I sat and diligently tried to clear my thoughts and anxiousness and listened to our pastors sermon this particular Sunday.  He was in Luke ch. 9 - I was reading chapter 8.  And there at the end of the chapter my eyes rested on verse 48 - all in red - the words of Jesus.  "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace." I know the background story - the woman with the issue of blood - fighting her way through the crowd to the one who she believed could heal her - and he did.  But today it was me, clawing and fighting my way through all my unbelief and doubt to the one I knew could calm my trembling - and he called me daughter - he told me my faith has made me well - made my soul well.  And then he tells me to go in PEACE!   Words written for me.   So on Sunday, as everyday, I am  eternally grateful for the living, breathing word!  The word that speaks, comforts and heals and then tells me to go in peace.

Day 4:  For coffee mugs 

I know, I know it's hard to go from being thankful for something as profound as the Word of God to something as simple as a nice coffee mug but herein lies the beauty of the christian life.  God reveals truth in his word to minister to our hearts, truth that is deep and meaningful and then the next day you awake and he again reminds you again of His love and provision for you.  You grab a coffee mug you enjoy and pour one of your favorite drinks and think, God gives us ALL things to enjoy.  And you look at one of your favorite mugs and it reminds you to keep calm and carry on.  And I can only do that "carrying on" by breathing in the words of my Savior.  It's all connected my friends, all connected.

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