Sunday, November 10, 2013

Day 9 &10 - 41 years and a 5 yr. old's drawing

Day 9 - For 14,976 days
Yesterday was my 41st birthday - yep that's 14,976 days on this earth.  That's a lot of days - a lot to be thankful for.  So for the life God has granted me - the days he ordained for me before even one of them came to be - I am thankful!  What picture to post for being thankful for my life? Hmmmm -that's a hard one.  So I will just post a simple one - some wildflowers at my grandparents farm.  Nothing fancy, but beautiful.  And I think that sums up my life...nothing fancy - relatively simple - but being an image bearer of God and being fashioned everyday into his likeness by the indwelling of the holy spirit is the beauty in my life.  

Day 10 - For sweet drawings and sweet words
My daughter drew me a picture for my birthday and then she wrote some very sweet words on her bday card to me.  Love expressed through a picture and simple words - much to be thankful for.

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