Monday, October 19, 2009

Hindi for "Indian princess"

As I told everyone in this post Brent took a trip to New Delhi, India and brought back Tess & I such beautiful gifts. This is the little outfit for Tess. Indian people have a much smaller frame than most of us Americans so we had to do some quick "alterations" to get the shirt over her head (her thick hair didn't help the matter!) She also had some pants that matched the shirt but they weren't exactly the right size so we just opted for some purple pull ons! When we went to church and the older ladies told her she looked "so pretty" she patted her shirt and said, "dada!" She is a very observant little girl. I was amazed that she left her scarf on the entire time!

Brent had two suits tailored in India (they are much less expensive there) ~ this is the black one ~ He told the congregation he was going for the "Johnny Cash" look (one gentlemen told him he looked like a hit man!) Tess' little shoes were also a gift from Dad from the Indian market! I was also wearing an Indian shirt so we were all decked out!
As I was proofing this post I just happened to notice that my button on the right of my blog: The Unreached People of the Day is the Musahar, Hindu of India people fitting. So if you happen to read this today (it will be a different group tomorrow) please take a moment and click on the link to see how you can specifically pray for these people. All nations, all tribes & tongues need to hear the good news of Jesus Christ!


  1. Marian,

    So great to have "met" you!! Tess is adorable and reminds me so much of our sweet little Elle! I'll be following along on your adventures now too:) Always can use my bloggy "Pastor's Wives" as encouragement! Thanks for finding me and reading along! Cyndie

  2. yay for India! Such a beautiful (& sad) culture. Love that you shared this with your little girl. She can rock the Indian clothes too. :))))

  3. Beautiful gifts from India. Your little girl looks great in that purple. :-D

  4. just ran the picture of our beautiful little girl- Tess- off ,to put on the frig. Dada did a great job with his choice of outfits for his little girl @ himself. LOVe " Memoo "from maine