Thursday, October 20, 2011

Women who make my heart happy

Since I am two days behind with my 31 Days of Happy project I thought I'd blog about two of my dear friends who make my heart happy. One I have know since high school,  the other I have known since April 2010.   They are both so precious to me and both of them live too far away ~ boo hoo.  They are alike in so many ways.  They both have blogs that encourage my heart. Check out Laura's blog here  and Emily's blog here.   They are both moms ~ one to 4 little people and the other to 3.  They mother with all grace and humility and they honor and respect their role as a Christian wife.  I often pray I can emulate some of their characteristics in my life. They are both familiar with military life. They both can make me laugh so hard my side hurts and they both are very witty (yes ladies I think you are witty).  Although they are similar in these ways, there is one similarity that stands out above all.  They both, with a fervent passion, love their God above all.  I can have an in depth conversation about God, his word and all things spiritual with both of them with such ease.  I go to them for honest, heartfelt advice, to vent or just to gab.  They are true and faithful friends and they make my heart happy.   I thank my good Father for allowing these women's paths to cross with journey in this world is much sweeter because of them.

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  1. How wonderful to have Christian ladies in your life. Your sister in Christ Yvette Smith