Saturday, March 24, 2012

A love as BIG as Clifford

When we first told Tess over a year ago that she would have a baby brother she was not too keen on the whole idea.  I shot this video the morning we were going to get Joah.  (Molly is her cousin that she adores)

Adamant isn't she!? 
For a few weeks after he came home when we or someone else asked her how she like being a big sister or how she liked having a baby brother she would repeat her mantra "but I don't want a baby brother".

Skip ahead 13 months...many times I still have say to her in the midst of an angry moment towards her sibling, "Tess is that how you show love to Joah?" but I know that her attitude has changed toward her brother since those first few weeks.  I hear it in her words, I see it in her actions.  She does love this boy and that makes my heart happy.

Last night was one of those nights I saw her love in action.  She wanted to give Joah her Clifford, a no small thing for this 4 yr. old.  He was already asleep so I told her that her she could give it to him in the morning.  So this little girl set her beloved dog by her brothers door, a welcome morning greeting for him. 

An "I love you" that only a Big Red Dog can communicate.

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